Dimakou Ioanna

Ioanna Dimakou was born in Novorosiski, Russia in 1938 and came to Greece in 1939. She studied Εconomics and Commercial Sciences in Athens. She married in 1965, had two children and worked at the Ministry of Economic Affairs for many years.


In 1990, she began to have psychological problems that manifested themselves mainly in the form of phobias.


In 1994, while the state of her health continued to remain unchanged, she visited for the first time the Master Dimitris Kakalidis, founder of the Servers’ Society Spiritual Centre. From him she learned a new way to deal with life and her problems, through the philosophical view that everything is part of life.


Her aim in writing the book is to describe the path she followed in order to overcome her phobias, a path that she continues to follow to attain her spiritual development.



Author's books:


» The path from Fear to Fearlessness (2nd Edition) (2009)


Translated books:


» The path from Fear to Fearlessness (English Edition) (2010)