"...presentation made with unselfishness and love for literature..."

Not long ago the Literary Workshop of our publications successfully presented the work of distinguished writer and poet Kostas Stefanopoulos, in the premises of Omilos Eksipiretiton. The literary evening was honored with the presence of many intellectuals, prominent writers, poets, composers, actors and many friends of the arts.

Mrs. Phoebe Stefanopoulou in the magazine "Nea Skepsi" vividly describes her impressions from the event and we thank her for her beautiful words.

The article by Mrs Phoebe Stefanopoulou follows, as it was published in the "Nea Skepsi" magazine.


"In February 16th Omilos Eksipiretiton presented the work of Mr Kostas Stefanopoulos. In the warm place of Omilos, a beautifully preserved neoclassical building at Patissia - when the room was filled with friends and fellow travellers, both old and new, Mrs Paraskevi Kostopetrou, head of "Megas Seirios" publications, welcomed us.

The poet and his work were presented by Mrs Vassiliki Ergazaki, travelling us to open and deeply sensitive high seas, searching for the beginning, the source but also to ancient greek end of the course, where "with the ship of your dreams (the poet's), passed the lines of the horizon and arrived in places full of light, there where the vastness of the sea and the sky unite with the vastness of oyur heart. There where ..." "...left free your soul in the rhythm of nature, and felt the love, pure from all the words!..."


Mrs Leta Koutsohera, painter - poetress, presented his latest book "Small gods in Apollonian Seas" where she has illustrated. Her recitations of extracts from this book thrilled us. "Place, time, idea, cause and purpose, co-exist and interweave in a small poem, which can contain everything, so that it renders with moderation, the essence and size of things. To render, the beauty which springs from the endless voyages to open seas large and bright, open seas of life , death, love and dream" Mrs Leta Koutsohera will say.


When the actress, poetress and theater critic Mrs Stella Arkadi read Mr K. Stefanopoulos' narration "The light doesn't illuminate as we know" (or "The cabin with the Number 7", in its republication) you thought that noone was breathing in the room.


The reply to the speech of the honoured Mr K Stefanopoulos was full of meanings and symbols about the salt of societies, the unions of spiritual people, such as Omilos Eksipiretiton.


The presentation "ended" with the projection of an especially tender video, in which Omilos' members masterly blended pictures with verses.


The perfectly organized presentation impressed us exactly because, it was warm and friendly, different from the usual presentations and made with unselfishness and love for literature. Expressing the praising comments of poets, writers and journalists who were present, we thank Omilos Eksipiretiton for this wonderful evening of spirit and love for man."


Phoebe Stefanopoulou



From the left Mr Kostas Stefanopoulos - writer and manager of the magazine "Nea Skepsi", professor Vassiliki Ergazaki - poetress and main speaker- and Mrs Paraskevi Kostopetrou, who had the successful coordination of the presentaion.