Review by the poetess and painter Mrs Leta Koutsohera for the poetic collection "small temples on a wave"

The poetic collection by Vassiliki Ergazaki "small temples on a wave" is her first book. Here the poetess and teacher of mathematics, Vassiliki Ergazaki, with a sensitive, lyric voice sings about the sea and everything it contains and symbolizes. With verses distinguished by a clarity of meaning and simplicity of expression, introduces us to emotional bright fields... She says:


Sea the precious one

Her winged breath

The wave

The sea-froth brought us this far

To turn our eyes to the sky

To stretch out our hands

To give light."


Her poetry is interwoven with her native land. The open Cretan ocean, the dolphins, the murals of Knossos, the prince with the Lillies, all imprinted in her verses, from which memories leap.


"Drawing on a canvas

In indelible colours

Like ancient frescoes of my land.

A ship

A dolphin

A Prince

And seagulls

Thousands and shiny white..."


Through the dance of seagulls and dolphins, through the indelible light

of her country the distant sound of knowledge and love is heard...

In front of her rise lit the masts of freedom, clarity and beauty, to light her soul, to enter in the unequalled of poetry and word, to be guided to the roads of distant travels, "Travels moving with upright prow in sheer waters or in blooming seas..."


Author Klairi Lykiardopoulou introducing this nice book, writes:


The poetry collection “Small Temples on the Wave” is full of sea - its color, its sound, its power and its serenity.

A symbolic metaphor, and at the same time a hymn on the journey of life, where every word is a lifesaving craft between joys, sorrows, visions and ideas, reflections of each day, dresses with lyricism the sacred bodies of the poems.

Each poem, a temple, a small but bright - Temple of Light - the wave of life, and the reader travels safely and in contemplation, a “Path of the Soul’’...


Poetess Vassiliki Ergazaki has always "the window open, to a trip with stars" pursuing to move and journey towards the essence and the light of things to cross "violet - coloured passages which lead to the lifting of responsibility"...


Her word is a bridge which unites earth with water, the firm with the flowing element, the erathly with the heavenly, the material with the spiritual...



This review was published in the literary magazine "Nea Skepsi", issue 525 (January-March 2013)