Keramida Kiki

The author was born in 1929 in Volos, where she spent her childhood and adolescence and where she married in 1958. One year later, she and her husband moved to Athens where they had a daughter. She died at the beginning of 1997.

In 1982 she became acquainted with the Servers’ Society Spiritual Centre and the Master, philosopher and writer, D. Kakalidis, the founder of the Society. Since then she followed the teaching of the Society and was trained in spiritual healing. Later, she assumed responsibility for the organisation and supervision of the healing section of the Society. Her interest in man’s ability to have a positive influence on the state of his health had begun in 1972. At that time, she herself had faced a serious health problem.

In her book, Kiki Keramida describes her experiences of practising spiritual healing and her contacts with patients. She describes the process of her training as a healer and gives details of this training. Finally, she provides some basic knowledge, indispensable for the reader in order to understand the way in which spiritual healing works.



Author's books:


» Experiences of a spiritual healer (2nd Edition) (2014)

Translated books:

» Experiences of a spiritual healer (English Edition) (2014)