Presentation of the literary work of Mrs Phaedra Zampatha-Pagoulatou by our Literary Workshop

On Saturday 18 May 2013, at the premises of Omilos Eksipiretiton, the Literary Workshop of our Publications presented the work of the exceptional poet-writer Mrs Phaedra Zampatha-Pagoulatou in a unique night. At the event many people of the Intellect attended as well as, prominent literary figures, poets, painters, actors, teachers and many friends of the arts.



In her opening speech, the Head of Megas Seirios Publications Mrs Paraskevi Kostopetrou, said that "the Literary Workshop of Megas Seirios which operates under the auspices of Omilos Eksipiretiton, presents contemporary novelists and poets so as to study their work, to pore over their word that pulsates as they unite with the one and only Word that formats the human fields into lyrics and to be able to transform the meanings and messages of their works into knowledge and love, as this is what we are taught to do in Omilos".


The main presentation of the work of Mrs. Zampatha-Pagoulatou followed by V. Ergazaki, poet and member of our Literary Workshop and then Mr. Yiannis Koridis, a novelist and journalist spoke about a series of aspects of the work and the life of the writer.



The actress and author of novels and poems Mrs Dimitra Papadima recited poems from the poetic work "The breath of silence" and the presentation ended with a video prepared by members of the Literary Workshop inspired by the poem "Santorini" of Mrs. Zampatha – Pagoulatou, with which we travelled to the Greek landscape and culture.



The poet at the end of the presentation, spoke warmly about the work of Dimitris Kakalidis, founder of Omilos, as well as the writing work of Mrs Klairi Lykiardopoulou, President of Omilos, and read to us some of her new unpublished poems.



The evening concluded with a small reception in the courtyard of Omilos where we had the chance to discuss with all of our distinguished guests on topics related to poetry and literature as well as the need of contemporary man to find ways of expression and uplift through Art in all its forms.