An evening dedicated to art and culture in the open theater of Sofiko - summer 2013

An evening in the beautiful open theater of Sofiko village was organized within the activities of the 11th international seminar of Omilos Eksipiretiton (August 2013, Korfos). The event included the recitation of the poetic work "The hidden lotus of revelation" by Dimitris Kakalidis and presentation of Omilos’ chorodromena accompanied with music and choir.



This collection of poems refers to the Creation, to man's evolution through all forms of life, and to his perfection. It gives vivid images of human evolutionary history, hymns to the miracle of life and soul, the beauty of Wisdom, the Heights of the Mind, the Logos and the Rhythm of the Universe.


The recitation was welcomed and applauded from the attendees, who said among other things that "on hearing these poems my mental mood changed completely, I felt something beyond joy!", while many requested for a similar event to take place with other collections of the poet.



Throughout the seminar and through many activities the importance of art was highlighted as well as its main and substantial purpose for man. Also, a group took place in which there was an analysis of the poem "Night" by Costas Montis as given by Dimitris Kakalidis in his book "The Wisdom of Poetry".


Participants had the opportunity to deepen into the poem and a very interesting debate followed as to what is art and what is the artist's role in solving humanity’s problems.