First prize for Vassiliki Ergazaki's poetic collection, member of our Literary Workshop

The member of our Literary Workshop, poetress Vassiliki Ergazaki, received the First Prize for her poetic collection "In the Grief of the Lillies", at the Annual International Poetry Competition (2013) with the topic: "As long as there are people", which was organized by the literary magazine "Celaeno".



The event, that took place on Sunday 3rd of November 2013 at the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Ilion, was attended by distinguished writers and poets, journalists, University professors, magazine publishers, the deputy mayor of social policy of Ilion as well as friends of literature and arts.


In the hall that was brimming with people, various talks took place about the importance of offering and solidarity, specially during these difficult times we are going through, as well as for the unchangeable and eternal values of Greek Civilization and Greek Language.



As she was receiving her award she said:

«I thank,

The literary magazine "Celaeno", which through the competition's theme "As long as there are people", gave me the opportunity to bend and listen… there… in the people's soul, there… in the grief of my country.

I want to dedicate this prize to two wonderful and dearest people;

to the Heads of Omilos Eksipiretiton who for many years, at Omilos, they offer selflessly and serve humans.»


Ακολουθούν ενδεικτικά κάποια ποιήματα από την βραβευμένη συλλογή «Στην Οδύνη των Κρίνων»


Σαν όπως η Άνοιξη


Σαν όπως η Άνοιξη έρχεσαι

στο λυπημένο μου κήπο


Κάθε φορά που ξεριζώνω τα όνειρα

σβήνοντας απ’ τα χνάρια τους τις μνήμες


Κάθε φορά που ακροβατώ στην απόγνωση.


Γιατί θαρρώ πως κλείσαν τις πηγές

Γιατί θαρρώ πως σβήσαν τα ποτάμια

Γιατί θαρρώ πως μου ’κλεψαν τις θάλασσες.


Όχι … δεν θα βυθίσω στ’ απόνειρα

Όχι … δεν θα σκορπίσω στου ύπνου τα πλάνα


Είναι γεμάτα τα χέρια σου, πρόσφορα

Είναι η φωνή σου ανάλαφρη αύρα

Είναι η αγάπη σου δώρο κι αντίδωρο.


Και… τα ποτάμια, μου λες, πως δε στέρεψαν

Άγιες οι θάλασσες. δεν τους ανήκουν

Και… οι πηγές καθαρές, αναφαίρετες


Και… στους ανθρώπους τον Άνθρωπο βρίσκω.