Presenting the “Kakalidis method” for poetry and literature analysis on a world stage

For the first time, on an international level, we will present the “Kakalidis method” for the analysis of poems and short stories.


The presentation will take place at the 7th International Conference on Literature which is organized by the international academic association “Athens Institute for Research and Education” at 9-12 June 2014.


This innovative method of analysis is expressed through Dimitris Kakalidis’ books “The Wisdom of the Poem” and “The Wisdom of the Short Story”, in which the author pervades into the inner spiritual resources of the creator and the creation revealing the infinite within the limited, bringing to light the hidden wisdom of each literary piece.



The starting point for each analysis is the everlasting, intertwined relationship between Man – Humanity – Entity and the inner belief that each individual is an enlightened being and his spirit is expressed in every aspect and creation in life’s path.


This method of approaching literature and poetry is considered by contemporary critics as “a unique spiritual first” and “the beginning of a new literary school”. It has also been characterized as “a multidimensional work of great spiritual radiation, both in form and composition of the Word”.