"your book is a useful aid to the person reading it"- Review on Klairi Lykiardopoulou's book "...and the shadows became light"

Dear Mrs Klairi,


Thank you for being so kind as to send me your new book "...and the shadows became light". A biographical book where you unfold with a nice word your life from your young age to the day you wrote the book.


From the age of fifty onwards as you met Master D. Kakalidis and became member of Omilos, your life changed as well as the way of riting your autobiography. It takes another form, enters a higher spiritual level and mives in the sphere of knowledge and philosophy.


Your ideas, queries, fears, existential problems and the Master's philosophical answers, impose on the reader to concentrate in order to be able to understand the Master's concepts contained in your book.


Your Master, to the problems you layed to him whith his wise answers was teaching you how to deal on your own, with the situations and adversities that were raised in your life. The Master's discourses to you and Omilos' disciples brought to my mind the ancient philosophers with their schools.


Plato with his academy and Aristotel's dialogues with his Lycee and the walkers Zinon with the Stoics because they also, except for some other matters, taught the same things to their disciples, ethics, virtue, love, freedom and the way for man to know himself, be self-sufficient and happy.


Your Master was a wise man, a pure idealist. I note that because I read in page 97 your reference to matter. Material abundance is one thing and matter - materialism is another. Materialism is a scientific cosmic theory which interpets the natural and social occurences based on scientific discoveries and deletes totally the supernatural of idealism.


In page 101, the Master explained to you that there is nothind random in nature and our social life. His definition is very right. Every event, natural or social has always its cause, "Cause and causality"


In page 102, the Master taught that humankind is still adolescent and it needs time to reach maturity. Scientists found out that human brain has a lot of capabilities. But human couldn't develop the brain's powers, it is doubtful, if a person has been able to develop the 30% of its power.


The characterization by the Master that humanity is in the stage of adolescence, I believe is compatible to the scientific ascertainment that human has just developed only the 30% of his brain's power.


My dear Klairi, your book is a useful aid to the person reading it. The reader can solve problems and queries one might have. It is well written, its word flows pleasantly and it is a distinct book.

With appreciation and love,

Ε. V.