Review on the book "...and the shadows became light" by Klairi Lykiardopoulou

Dear Mrs Lykiardopoulou, I greed you.


I received your book "...and the shadows became light" which you have sent to me and I thank you.


It is very important and at the same time nostalgic "our return" to the past, its unravelling and the classification in time of our positive and negative, easy and difficult memories which have touched all these that we used to call sacred purpose and goal, will, freedom and open horizons and now we summarize them in the phrase "the greatness of life".


And it is prosperous when we try this return into our past, to endive with the confirmation that we found in our company the precious Master who enriched us with a supreme power and the knowledge which was necessary to fill "the inner man" we all hide.


And you- as you write in the end of your book- "This knowledge was necessary for the course I wanted to realize, regardless the difficulties and resistances I faced. My will to constantly move forward grew stronger day by day, lessening the ignorance and the resistances until their final dissolution has come. With the same strong will I continue my course".


My wish is for you to continue this course, having treasured from the knowledge and your experiences the spiritual elevation you were seeking and be always healthy and creative.

With appreciation,

Ε. K.-S., Writer-Economist