Ninon Kambouri writes about the book "The Revelation of the Entity" by Dimitris Kakalidis

Ninon Dimitriadou - Kambouri writes ...(18/03/2014)


When it happens to meet "great" people, either in Literature or Art or science, no matter how much you admire them, when the time comes and you want to write about them and their work, you feel that you are not "enough" to do it. On the other hand, though, the feelings they have caused you and the gratitude for everything they have offered to man, need to be expressed, even as a "thank you".


This small introduction was written because two years after I received the book of the philosopher poet-analyst Dimitris Kakalidis "The Revelation of the Entity" I dare to write something about it.


Dimitris Kakalidis, founder of the spiritual centre "Omilos Eksipiretiton" passed away in 1995. His unselfish work for the "spread of truth" and help to the fellow man - the work which made him our master - was extended to his writing work which astonished, revealed, was recognised and awarded. This work continues the bright course through his disciples who worked for the book to be published, providing us with the opportunity to acquire sacramental wine from an inexhaustible source of spirituality.


The book "The Revelation of the Entity" contains wisdom, teaching and knowledge which the Master left behind - rare, bright legacy- for all of us who have met him and have been a disciple near him but I also believe for all humanity. And we read: "The whole universe is in discipleship through the friction which takes place between the Soul and the Personality".



This Soul, Dimitris Kakalidis, embraced and with his teaching helped it and reconciliated it with the Personality, in the endless efforts-battles of man to progress, even often in ignorance, in his inner development and union with the Entity, which existence praises in the book: "The existence of the Entity is unexplored, incomprehensible, uninterpreted, it can only be revealed. And being revealed it becomes Word, Knowledge, Wisdom, Life". His words are simple, just as simple and generous was his love and teaching given to all of us, which, nevertheless led us to the acquaintance with the Mind and the capability to beautify and continue the "without beginning and end course".


I believe that every reader of this book, whether he knew the Master or not, whether he had or not read before something of his, will feel a spiritual elevation, will atain the belief that life isn't accidental for any of us and will want to move on with guide what he read in seeking the Truth. For that a phrase by Dimitris Kakalidis from the book "The Revelation of the Entity" is enough: "Every quest is of its own accord promising".