The book “Experiences of a spiritual healer: Presentation through the eyes of two new spiritual healers” – Part 2

In this second presentation of the book “Experiences of a spiritual healer” we focused on the Spiritual Healer’s position, as taught in Omilos; that is, to be totally involved and express complete interest in others.

The spiritual healer works through Spiritual Healing always as a channel of the spiritual power and with constant reference to the ontological field which exists within him and the person who has asked for his help, as well as in everything around him.



He expresses absolute interest and asks nothing for himself. He offers unselfishly to his fellow human being. He functions simple and to a great extent on the work he has undertaken which is Spiritual Healing. Then, he can understand what the person beside him really needs and can respond promptly to any need presented before him. Having this position, he is able to function therapeutically through all the ways.



Both in the book by Mrs Keramida and all the records of Omilos Spiritual Healing Section, we find numerous examples of healing as well as thank you letters from patients who have been totally healed, showing that all we mentioned above, about the Spiritual Healers’ position, and the greatness of Spiritual Healing are being practiced daily in Omilos. A practice that yields results and changes not only our health but often our whole life, as well.