Presentation of the Mr. Dinos' Koubatis written work by our Literary Workshop- 12/04/2014

Once again Omilos Eksipiretiton, continuing the events through the "Literary Workshop", organized and welcomed at its premises on the evening of Saturday 12 April 2014, a great writer and director, Mr Dinos Koubatis.


The event opened Mrs. Paraskevi Kostopetrou, poetess- economist, head of Megas Seirios publications, while she emphasized on the need to deepen into the sciences and the arts and to learn from them, as they constitute a great part of the spiritual field's manifestation. As she mentioned, through the development and the spreading of the spirit we can learn how to be well in life.



The attendees were informed via a video for the activitities and the selfless action of Omilos Eksipiretiton in Greece and abroad.


Then, Mrs. Vassiliki Ergazaki, poetess-mathematician, and Mrs. Marianna Smirniotou, editor at Megas Seirios publications, - members of the Literary Workshop-, presented the work of our honorary guest, Mr. Dinos Koubatis.



Also, for Mr. Koubatis, spoke Mrs. Panayiota Cristopoulou-Zalonis, a poetess, writer and painter, whose work was also presented in Omilos by a previous event of the Literary Workshop.



Another video was shown, dedicated to the poetry of our guest and ispired by his poem "Oh, Namouna tou Aiada", edited by Omilos' members, as well as the whole evening.


In the end, Mr. Dinos Koubatis thanked Omilos and expressed the emotion he felt because "they leened with so much love and redacted this presentation" in his honour which he characterized as "magnificent", and added that he is very impressed by the work which is done in Omilos!



The closure of this beautiful evening, after the presentation, occured in Omilos' yard, with a small buffet and discussions on literature between the guests, people of the Arts, the Spirit and of course, members and friends of Omilos.