Review on the book of Klairi Lykiardopoulou "...and the shadows became light"

Dear Mrs Lykiardopoulou,


With great joy and at the same time excitement I received a few days ago your recent work "...and the shadows became light" and I wholeheartedly thank you.


With special attention I read the 18 chapters of your new book, which one after the other, with the same as always narrative ability of yours, cause a pleasant relief to the reader. At the same time past memories come back (especially to people of a certain age) which outline in a masterly way, life itself and its functions.


For all the above I wish to express my heartfelt congratulations and wish you to continue the work of your literature offer with the same strength.


With infinite appreciation,

G. G. Agriculturist Zootechnic – Researcher. Honorary Director of Animal Breeding Institute of Giannitsa