The book “Experiences of a spiritual healer”: A presentation through the eyes of two new spiritual healers – Part 3

Our third group concluded the presentation of the book “Experiences of a spiritual healer” by Mrs Kiki Keramida.


In our last meeting we talked in detail about what spiritual healing is and presented the ways through which Omilos’ Spiritual Healing Section works: healing with the patient’s presence, distant healing, healing with the active participation of the patient, visits to patients in hospitals or at home, in case of transportation inability.


Healing examples taken from the book but also letters of gratitude from people who experienced themselves what spiritual healing means and were cured from illnesses that troubled them, provided to everyone a more complete view about the breadth and power of spiritual healing.



Summering up, we referred to the whole teaching of Omilos which teaches literally the spiritual healing in our life. That is, how we can have a correct function in our daily life, right ad balanced relationships with others and eventually how we can be well by learning to utilize consiously our infinite capability to bring power and balance to every weak field.


Questions and thoughts were raised that triggered a very interesting and vivid discussion among those attending the presentation.


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