International summer seminar by Omilos Eksipiretiton at Korfos, Greece (August 2014)

This year’s international summer seminar took place in a multi-cultural atmosphere, as we had participants from different countries who joined us and shared with us the joy and community spirit.


The title of the seminar was "Keep in touch with harmony, happiness, with yourself… Live life every moment as a miracle!" and this is exactly what we experienced: simple ways through which we can live in harmony and balance. Ways through which we can be active participants in life, without fighting against it but experiencing it consciously, as the miracle that it essentially is.



How did we explore this life stance? In different experiential ways: through group discussions and analyses, through everyday relaxation exercises by the seaside, through practicing nidra yoga, role play (dromena), chorodromena, groups discussing the inner wisdom in literature, art and so on. Also, through spending our free time together as a group, relaxing, swimming, laughing together and experiencing all that happens when a spiritual perspective is put into practice in daily living.



The Amphitheatre at Sofiko became the host venue for practicing chorodromena but also for our children play, titled ‘The King’s Gifts’ which was performed by the Society’s members, free of charge, for all children and adults coming along from Sofiko and Korfos village.



We would like to thank everyone who joined us at this year’s international seminar!


Members from the London-based group and other visitors from abroad who came along for the first time have already expressed their enthusiasm about joining us again this winter for our next seminar.