The “Kakalidis Method for literature and poetry analysis” published in the scientific magazine “Athens Journal of Philology”

Following the successful presentation of the “Kakalidis Method” at the 7th International Literature Conference of the international academic association ATINER in June 2014 and its warm reception from university professors and academics from all over the world, our paper on the Kakalidis Method was selected for publication to yet another scientific magazine.


Μέθοδος Κακαλίδη-παρουσίαση 04 Μέθοδος Κακαλίδη-παρουσίαση 06

You can read our article entitled: “The Kakalidis Method for Literature Analysis: A Synthesis Approach” in the Athens Journal of Philology (volume 1, issue 3, September 2014), which is published by ATINER’s Languages and Linguistics Research Unit and Literature Research Unit.


As mentioned both in the magazine’s and in ATINER’s website, the criteria for the article selections are strict and must fulfill all the academic scientific norm standards, designated by internationally recognized academics, who also make the final choice.

Consequently, very few from the papers presented or submitted are eventually published!