Presentation of Mr.Dionysis' Kouledianos written work by our Literary Workshop – 15/11/2014

"The weight of the centuries is bestowing its hopes to poets. From the field of the universal mind, as on radio, ideas, carrier waves, in the timeless market like a universal request are transmitted, seeking the grounding of the megacosmic visualization".

D. Kakalidis, The Wisdom of the Poem



"in Omilos the mother Soul is rebeling for Life to continue", M.S., author

"you always choose to present quality authors", P.Z., poetess

...are only a few of our guests' comments.


In continuation of our presentations in order to meet and to deepen into the work of contemporary Greek authors, on Saturday 15th November 2014, successfully took place in the premises of Omilos Eksipiretiton, the event for the honorary writer-poet Mr. Dionysis Kouledianos.




The event was honoured by the presence of many people of the Spirit, distinguished writers, poets, artists, many friends of Arts and as well as members and friends of Omilos. Ms. Paraskevi Kostopetrou, poetess-economist, head of the Literary Workshop and Megas Seirios Publications, coordinated the event. "We want to meet the current creators. We deepen into their work, so that we can be able to emerge the hidden wisdom there is. According to the founder of Omilos, each poet has as his muse the Entity and all poets express the One Poet, who through the many different faces expresses humans' fields, endorses their problems and baptizes them into the Sanctum Sanctorum. He presents them through Logos to give an uplift to human", she mentioned opening the event.



Ms. V. Ergazaki, poetess-mathematician as well as Ms. V. Theodorou, copywriter-environmentalist, members of our Literary Workshop did the main presentation, which a video with an abstact from the book "Stohoi kai stohasmoi", which was edited by Ms. I. Siavraka, translator, also member of our group, journeyed us to the poet's worlds of love.



The event was completed with a surprise for Mr. Kouledianos. We dedicated to the Kythirian poet along with our love, the song "Kithira pote den tha ta vroume". Then, Ms. Kostopetrou analyzed the poem according to "Kakalidis method" which we recently presented to the national scientific community at the 7th International Conference on Literature organized by the international academic association ATINER on June 2014 where we received warm comments from the participants, professors from all over the world. Our special guests participated as well in a vivid discussion on the analysis.


At the end of the presentation, Mr. Kouledianos thanked us and dedicated to us two wonderful poems which recited himself. Then, all together talked and changed thoughts during a small buffet in Omilos' beautiful yard.