What is it?

"Kakalidis method": an innovative method of analysis of poetry, literature, all forms of art, all of Life!


"Kakalidis method" was created, developed and taught by the poet and philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis, founder of "Omilos Eksipiretiton (The Servers' Society)" and Megas Seirios Publications. It is an innovative method that does deep, inner analysis of literature and poetry, and extends to every work of Art, namely drawing, movies, theatre but mostly it extends to the entire Life and its several facets, situations and events.


"Kakalidis method" is recognized as an approach of spiritual revelation, that brings the synthesis of deeper messages and leads the reader to an uplift of consciousness and spiritual broadness. It was presented for the first time globally, to the scientific community at the 7th International Conference on Literature by the academic association ATINER in June 2014. The method received warm comments from the participants in the conference - professors from all over the world. Our article on the "Kakalidis method" was published at the Athens Journal of Philology (volume 1, issue 3, September 2014) which is published by ATINER's Languages and Linguistics Research Unit and Literature Research Unit.


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This method emerges the deeper meaning of every literary work, every situation and reveals the infinite in the confined placing every concept and symbol in its ontological estate. It conects the daily with the eternal; the human with the divine; the microcosm to the macrocosm. "Kakalidis method" was reflected in his two philosophical works "The Wisdom of the Short Story" (1992) and "The Wisdom of the Poem" (1994) by Megas Seirios publications. In these works the philosopher - poet analyzes 100 poems and 36 short stories of Greek litterateurs and has gained unique reviews from the spiritual and literary people of the country:


"It's a start of a new philological school, a new greek, real greek path that branches into global currents" (M. Stafilas, 1993)


"We welcome this very commendable initiative by Dimitris Kakalidis, who first introduces the study of modern Greek short story and poetry this method and this initiative, along with the undeniable value of the author's observations, enter in his assets of a unique spiritual preeminence." (K.M. Stamatis, 1993)


The beginning of each analysis, according to the "Kakalidis methos", is the continuous and unbreakable relationship between Human-Humankind-Entity and the inner stance that every human, in essence, is already a whole Being whose spirit is expressed through each facet, each creation as it struggles with several forms and roles to find and manifest its true nature.


In all, small-big, life-death, formed-unformed, he sees the Entity. There is a common confrontation of things as passions, instincts, desires, dark facets of the unconsciousness are recognized as ontological manifestations and need to be transformed to knowledge and love in order for their Ontological nature to be revealed.


Most of the times the analysis of a poem takes place in three levels, each one more broadened than the other, to expose human's ability and the passage leading from the small confined self to the infinite universal Self. At level A, the analysis focuses on whatever happens inside the human, on level B, the analysis focuses on whatever happens inside the entire humanity, while on level C the analysis focuses on whatever happens inside the entire creation, the entire Universe.


In its path, the analysis desymbolizes concepts, numbers, myths, images, ideas, placing the meaning of every word to a spiritual journey in all the sides of the human experience. D.Kakalidis "plays" with symbols and numbers, depcrypts the hidden meaning of Logos, transforming each literary image to an Odyssey of the experience of the entire humankind. He projects the unification of opposite forces that coexist in human and that one's weakness to unify them is causing problems and interceptions in his or her function. He equalizes matter to spirit, supporting that: since the entire creation is spiritual and since everything contain spirit, then matter and spirit is one and the same.


"Kakalidis methos" is synthesizing ancient greek schools of thougth as is the numerology by Pythagoras, the certainty by Aristotle for the coexistence of matter-spirit, the mandate by Heraclitus for perpetual flow, the idea by Plato that ideas are numbers and midwifery by Socrates infiltrating the discussant's soul, bringing to light the truth hiding inside.


With examples from science, history, mythology, technology, consolidating each analysis, motivating every human to start interpreting oneself the concepts, to deepen into ideas and to be convinced that he or she is a complete Being. Everyone's conscience to be awakened and abolishing constrictions, fears and difficulties, to be led from little confined self to infinite Self, the greatness of inner freedom. To the pure source of one's existence. In that way, everyone will be able to have well-being, every moment in their whole life.


Paraskevi Kostopetrou,

Head of Megas Seirios publications