A life commiteed to the Work

There wasn't a day that you didn't see her. Weekday? Weekends, national holidays? Whenever you would say "Mrs Klairi, I am not feeling good...", she would always smile at you, talk to you, hug you and heal you. And if you wouldn't say it out loud, she would take your hand and say "come over here... what's wrong with you?"


35 years of Omilos Eksipiretiton this year.


35 years that Mrs Klairi on a daily basis she was here for... literally everything. For anything anyone would need. Even at her home, her telephone wouldn't stop ringing... someone to thank her for the healing she did and now is well, someone else to share with her his problem, writers to congratulate her for her new book - thank God she was prolific with 20 books and endless short stories on her resume.



Her whole life dedicated to the work of Omilos Eksipiretiton. As President, as a Spiritual Healer, as writer, as Mrs Klairi.


She structured the Spiritual Healing Section, under the guidance of the Master, performed thousands healings in our premises, distant, at the houses of patients and she organized the training of the new healers. Infinite are the thank-you letters from people who were cured completely by the simplest to the one considered by some incurable.




Infinite were as well, the meetings, appointments, the groups with people who were seeking for help to confront personal, family and other issues and people who wanted to know themselves.


She would never hesitate to share the knowledge and the exprerience she had gained with such a great inner work, next to the founder of Omilos, Dimitris Kakalidis, Master of Life.


And Mrs Klairi, constant disciple, simply she was always there.


To maintain the gate open for those who want to pass through it!