Presentation of Ms. Marlena's Skoula-Periferaki written work by our Literary Workshop – 06/06/2015

"I wish to Megas Seirios publications to become a brilliant star in the spiritual galaxy" M. Skoula-Periferaki.


" Both the presentation as well as your stance and approach to her work in total but also to the poetesse herself was one of the best I have seen"

Κ.Μ, graphic artist-writer.


"Omilos is working for 35 years now on learning how to be well in everyday life. People are well when they express the Spirit and the closest way to do that is through the Fine Arts. First Fine Art is Poetry. Through poetry we deepen into ourselves, we can know who we are, learn how to be well and to help others in this way... So, we invite remarkable and great writers and poets, so they can present to us their work and we can be taught by it. Because a poet always teaches."



In these words the head of Omilos Eksipiretiton and Megas Seirios publications, welcomed all attendees and opened our event, which was honoured with their presence remarkable writers and poets, many people of the Spirit, friends of the Arts as well as members and friends of Omilos.



Ms. V. Ergazaki, poetess-mathematician and Ms. A. Smyrniotou, Dr. in Organic Chemistry, members of our Literary Workshop did the main presentation of the poetess' work and recited her poems. Especially, the poem "Vlepo to fos", from the poetic collection "Kanourioi Ilioi" by Ms. Skoula-Periferaki was presented in a video, which was edited by Ms I. Siavraka, translator, also a member of the Literary Workshop.



Then, the poetess-economist, head of the Literary Workshop and Megas Seirios publications, approached this poem with an esoteric and innovative way, according to the analysis method on which Omilos Eksipiretiton is working on and teaches. This led to a rich and interesting discussion that continued until late in Omilos' leafy yard, where a small buffet was held.



"Although I have read this poem a lot of times, this is the first time I feel like I undestand what it means" is just one of the attendees' comments.



"I wish to warmly thank Megas Seirios publications and Omilos Eksipiretiton for the presentation of my spiritual creation... Poetry still today constitutes the expression of human's highest virtues... I thank a lot those who honoured my creations and those who are near me today and I also wish to Megas Seirios publications to become a brilliant star in the spiritual galaxy", Ms. M. Skoula-Periferaki mentioned in her speech at the end of the event.