Presentation of the written work of Mr. Kostas Karousos by our Literary Workshop – 12/12/2015

"It's the most substantial and best presentation of the 23 that took place in my honor [...] In Megas Seirios and in Omilos spirituality prevails. Spirituality is a great word; most of all it means co-communication, co-creation, to coexist in space and to spiritually create."

Kostas Karousos



"Rivers flow freely because the mountain is steady. This mountain is Poetry and the riverbanks are the Poets that inside them flows constantly the inexhaustible inspiration for Poetry."

With these words, the President of Omilos Eksipiretiton, welcomed the distinguished litterateur and President of EEL, Mr Kostas Karousos, as well as all the attendees of the event organized in his honor.



The Head of Megas Seirios Publications, Ms Paraskevi Kostopetrou also welcomed the distinguished litterateurs and friends of Omilos and of the poet, the members of Omilos and in general all who love poetry. All of whom filled the hall with interest.



Ms Ergazaki, poetess, teacher and member of our Literary Workshop, and the distinguished litterateur and painter Ms Leta Koutsohera, who honoured us with her presence, both spoke about the work of Mr Karousos. Whilst ouststanding actress and director Ms Chrysa Spilioti highlighted with crystal clarity the poet's lyrics by reciting his poems and transmiting their pulse to the audience.


We made and effort in this presentation to deepen into the poet's lyrics with true love and care by creating a video on the poem "Anatemno" edited by Ms Ioulia Siavraka, translator and member of our Literary Workshop.



Mr Karousos at the end of the presentation talked about the speakers with the warmest words, and amongst others said, "I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Andreas who introduced the event and to Ms Paraskevi who is in essence the soul in Omilos."

He continued by saying, "Megas Seirios with events like this, participates and expands this social offering to the people. All of which is like a ritual. I have the impression that this work covers the whole idea of the poet, any poet. This, I believe, is the common moment in time where the poet and the principles through which Megas Seirios operates, meet. It is also the meeting point of the principles of spirituality and offering, both on a societal level and to the poet presented each time. This is the noblest and best thing that can be offered and I am greatly thankful to you".