You can Open your Eyes Now

Title: You can open your eyes now

Author: Ade Durojaiye

Category: English Editions

Language: English

Edition: 1st

Format: Book (paperback)

ISBN: 978-960-7350-94-7


In this candid, insightful compilation of short stories Ade Durojaiye invites us to join Alex, the main character of the book, on his journey towards spiritual awareness.


Ade writes about the events that changed Alex's life: the breakdown of his relationship with Athena; the fight with depression; the fear of living life again and his experience with spiritual healing.


Ade's book takes us through the challenges of life, love, fear and depression, and the importance of bringing spirituality into our everyday life.






Why Ade wrote the book

I thought I was following Athena to Athens for a life of happy family, little did I know my journey was to lead me to Athena, the Goddess of wisdom. Through the turmoil brought about by a broken relationship and the experience of life that followed, I found myself encountering the Servers' Society. In this meeting came my start on a new road, one where I would learn about the philosophy of the simple way of thinking, feeling, living, being.


In sharing my story, I hope to connect with others; to transform and give hope; and to help each other grow beyond the frightened places we usually hide from the world. My hope is that through the book we can find meaning in our life's story.


A few words about the book

The book is about over coming the challenges of life and learning to live a fulfilling life through the practice of spirituality in everything we do. You Can Open Your Eyes Now takes you through the aftermath of the breakdown of a long-term relationship; the depression and melancholy that comes from feeling life is not worth living; the replaying of past events and failure to see the joy of life in the present moment; the need to embrace life with all its twists and turns; and how this attitude of uniting with the flow of life brings a magical and beautiful experience to every minute of our life.




Detailed biography

Ade Durojaiye was born in Croydon, Greater London, England to a traditional working-class Nigerian family. A few years after leaving university where he studied Construction Project Management, Ade moved to Greece.


Moving to Greece was a beautiful experience and the catalyst for him coming into contact with Omilos Eksipiretiton (The Server’s Society) in September 2008. A period he describes as a defining moment in his life.


As Ade journeyed through the teachings of Omilos and the principle of “Know Thy Self” he began writing short stories of his experiences and the gradual transformation taking hold within him.


Ade currently lives in Richmond, England and works as a Project Manager refurbishing properties.


As well as continuing to work upon the knowledge of the Self, Ade maintains daily contact with Omilos in Greece and facilitates the self-study and meditative relaxation groups run by Omilos in London.






"The author shows us how expressing spirituality in everything can become a way of life" - Review on Ade Durojaiye's book "you can open your eyes now"