Book presentation of "you can open your eyes now" on The Good Retreat Guide 2015

The Good Retreat Guide suggests Ade Durojaiye's book and did a book presentation on its online version for 2015.


You can open your eyes now is the story of a young man’s journey from emotional upsets in relationships and disappointment with his life to finding spiritual awareness and the rewards this awareness can bring. The writing is straight-forward and the story candid and easy to read. The main character, Alex, tells us of his breakdown of a long-term relationship, his fight with depression, his fear of building a new life, and, finally, his experiences of the healing that can come from a spiritual dimension to the way you live your life. The key theme of this book is about the importance of bringing spirituality into our everyday lives and living in a way meaningful to us and by values that are eternal and giving to others rather than just the short-term ones of the world we live in. In the case of Alex, as with the author himself, The Servers Society (Omilos Eksipiretiton), founded by the poet and philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis, is where they both find themselves a place and a group, who support their awakening their spiritual consciousness.


You can open your eyes now, Ade Durojaiye, Megas Seirios Publications, Athens, Greece, 2015. More information about The Servers Society and to buy the book: info@megas-seirios.com www.megas-seirios.com