Presentation of the written work of Ms Danai Papastratou by our Literary Workshop – 09/04/2016

"It was one of the best presentations in which I have been to. You spoke on the merits, there was nothing redundant. Everyone in Omilos are warm and with a smile, you radiate something positive that we all need so much these days."

V.G., author


One more meeting of Omilos with the literary world of the country took place on Saturday 9th April in the context of the presentation organized by its Literary Workshop and Megas Seirios Publications for the acknowledged reporter and literatteur Ms Danai Papastratou.



The event was introduced by the President of Omilos Eksipiretiton saying among others:


"The founder of Omilos, the Master as we call him, said to me:


"You know Andreas, poetry is like digging a mine. You dig out rocks and eventually you dig out some diamonds. These diamonds are the ones you should keep in order to be able to dig out true poetry. But you have to dig!"


And one more thing, you know, that I understood from the way the Master wrote and analyzed poetry and literature is that you have a different view when you are at the roots of a mountain and when you are at the top of the mountain. From the top of the mountain you see things better, further. The Master urged us to learn to climb this path through poetry and to reach the top of the mountain from where we can see better the world, the way of life."



For the work of Ms D. Papastratou deepening in every aspect spoke Mrs P. Kostropetrou, poetess - economist, Head of Omilos and Megas Seirios Publications and Mrs V. Ergazaki, poetess - teacher and member of Omilos and the Literary Workshop.



The presentation was completed with a video on the poem "Prayer to Afaia" that was edited by Ms I. Siavraka, translator and member of our Literary Workshop in cooperation with the rest of the group. The night was concluded at the atrium of Omilos, where we exchanged thoughts and impressions with the distringuished poets and litterateurs that attended. We were given the opportunity to know each other better and renew our randez vous for the coming presentations that are already being prepared.