"Thank you for sharing with me the aroma of your Soul" - Review on the poetic collection "Ypopsia Pirini"

Dear Vasiliki,


The "small suspicions" that exist in the depth of life, "the hidden aroma that became a garland", welcomed me to a beautiful walk in the garden of your soul, to remind me the "greatness of life and its fiery nature".


I liked very much the foreword by the President of Omilos Eksipiretiton. It photographed your garden near the shore at the time "the wave arrived lefkorracho" - "hour of Dawn precisely" - with light pure that "plays with Spring and Winter" and you struggling to write "words naughtily sparkling" and to "yield their fair meaning" with a "deep blue smile" that invades our Soul like the Light of a bright sun, warming it.


Thank you for sharing with me the aroma of your Soul.

Best wishes!!!

With love G.


P.S. I received it late because I was away on holidays. It was a lovely surprise when I returned!