New bilingual edition of the poetic collections Incentives Ι and ΙΙ

Following the release of the poetic trilogy by Dimitris Kakalidis, we welcome to the group of bilingual editions two more of his works. The poetic collections Incentives I and Incentives II are released now as an edition that contains the poems in their original language on one side and translated into english on the other side so that the reader can compehend the meaning of each poem while at the same time the original Greek Logos is conveyed.


As for all the works by D. Kakalidis, distinguished poets and authors of Greece have written warm reviews about the Incentives:


...Your Truth, that converges to the Great Truth is manifested in here as well. Essential to its meaning, that becomes also a message of wisdom and knowledge for the reader... A kind of poetry of ideas, far from the trivia that constitute the current suffering society of "beings" who falter in their ignorence and nonsense below an "enlightened" sky.

Tasos G. Anagnostou, litterateur


...Your exquisite pen has given you once again its golden fruits. In each quatrain the reader receives a light that illuminates and burns. Each word is so in its place that you think another one cannot replace it... Poetry of highest breath, deep, essential, rare...

Galatia Balta, litterateur


...Poetry contemplative and lyrical, "genuine" I would say being completely literal, as it moves in traditional frames with mental exaltations found in the outskirts of secret visions. Well done!

Vasilis Vitsaksis,litterateur