Our new English edition!

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the book “The Wisdom of the Poem” by Dimitris Kakalidis in English. A book which has been characterized as a “jewel for the Greek Literature” by the spiritual world of the country and which is published in English for the first time.


The first volume of our new two-volume edition is a fact! A carefully edited publication, so that the translation conveys the meanings of the poems and their analyses to the maximum. In the first volume, 52 poems by contemporary Greek poets are analyzed with the author’s innovative method, the “Kakalidis method” as the litterateurs themselves have named it.


D. Kakalidis deepens into each poem bringing to the surface the hidden wisdom that exists within it, praising the poets for their ability to unite and convey the flow of Life and uplifts the concepts to their pan-human, universal greatness.