Presenting the second part of Dimitris Kakalidis’ poetic trilogy "Fallen Paradise Holy Matter" – 21/10/2017

Our poetic event “And I sing. I bear the chants, word and poetry, wisdom and clay” after its journey at the Hellenic Centre, London in September, where it was warmly received by a multicultural audience, was presented on Saturday 21/10/17 -this time in Greek!- in Omilos’ premises.


In the event the second part of Dimitris Kakalidis’ poetic trilogy was presented through analysis of the poems’ concepts and recitation of extracts.


Furthermore, as the President of Omilos, mentioned in his speech:

“The human being can be well. Each one of us has the potential to express his or her spiritual self so as to be well. And you may ask, in what way? By learning in our everyday life to simplify our thoughts, to simplify our emotions and thus, since they are simple, to begin actualizing them or changing the ones that make us feel difficult. The best way to do that is to learn and deepen into the achievements of the spirit that have been expressed by spiritual people through science, through poetry, through arts. This is what we learn, day by day, in Omilos. One of the best ways to do that, as we have already said, is poetry. This is why we delve into the work of each poet, this is why we present the works of great poets –many of them are here today honoring us with their presence; and in doing so, we learn to see that within us there is the potential for redemption to take place; redemption in our everyday living, here and now.”


It is worth looking at some moments that left their mark on the night:


The prominent litterateurs, poets and intellectuals that honored us with their presence. We would like to thank in particular Mrs F. Zabatha Pagoulatou for her recitation and Mrs P. Christopoulou Zalonis for her salutation.


The presence of Omilos’ friends, old and new, that warmly filled the room while attending with great focus and respect.


All participants who stayed with us until late discussing, asking about Omilos’ philosophy and work, sharing their thoughts and opinions.


The moment of listening to the podcast of Dimitris Kakalidis’ recitation on the work “Ta apotropaia” by Tasos Anagnostou, that vibrated the room and spread out to everyone a current of power and faith on human being, as they mentioned.


22 years from D. kakalidis’ death were completed on that day; the closing of a circle and the beginning of another that started with the position stated through the words of the President of Omilos: “we will continue”.



With power, love and light, the journey indeed continues… and that evening was yet another milestone.