The speech of the President of Omilos at our event for the poetic work “Logos the Third” in London

Our poetic event at the Hellenic Centre in London on the presentation of the work “Logos the Third” was opened by the President of Omilos, by giving the essence of the work being done in Omilos.


His speech follows:

“Ι would like to welcome you and thank you for coming. This is our fourth time at the Hellenic Centre, which is a cradle of civilization, of Greek civilization in London.

I had been thinking about what to tell you in tonight’s event… Ultimately, I will just convey to you something that happened on our way here. As we were driving here in a taxi, the taxi driver asked what the philosophy of Omilos is.

I will tell you, then, that the philosophy of Omilos is to learn to be well in life. In order to be well in life we must learn to delve into the events of life. Learn to truly live.

In Greek, the word “poetry” comes from the word “poio”, to create. So we learn that in order to be well, we need to create, to live life, to actualize in life. We learn to delve into poetry. We learn to see what is hidden behind the words.

For this reason, books have been written by Omilos which talk about the Wisdom of the Poem, whose second part was completed and published in English this year. We teach our members to write poetry. We are taught and we teach poetry.

The same way we apprentice in sciences, music, arts. And all this so that we can learn to see the essence of life.

This is the answer that was given to the taxi driver and I simply wanted to convey this to you. Today we will be talking about the third part of the trilogy. There has been a lot of work done on this so it would be good if I stopped occupying your time!

Again, I thank you.”