“A short promenade in the great secret garden of the Master” D. I. Karamvalis

The exceptional poet and literary critic Mr. D. Karamvalis honored us by addressing a greeting at our event about the poetic work Logos the Third on 01/12/2018. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Karamvalis for his deep and profound approach and his speech is cited below unchanged:



“A short promenade in the great secret garden of the Master”


Dimitris Kakalidis lives forever with us through his true teachings, his secret gardens and his legacy of words and deeds. He was a distinctive, timeless individual in the spiritual world since, in our opinion, he does not belong to a specific generation, as do not poets and philosophers of great caliber like K.P. Kavafis or Giorgos Sarantaris.


With his rich, insightful, catalytic word, Kakalidis could and managed to harmoniously combine poetry and philosophical contemplation, something that very few – a minimal number we could say – have accomplished in the passage of their spiritual path. Verses taken out of the depths of the soul, an apologia of silence and deep inner culture of an encaustic with the condensed and evenly structured word of poetic synthesis that brings to light an entire MODUS VIVENDI – a way and stance of life – which lays sleepless in the passages of night for the “glimmer of day”, this solitary traveler and anchorite of the worldly with both fight and agony, already experienced in the meaning of sacrifice and holocaust.


They are the “words of the deeds” (of the recently departed P. Sotirchos) and a “practical philosophy” to remember Evangelos Panoutsos, stance and resistance, revolutionary word that forms the navigational compass and with panhuman messages, products of inner battle and fire, as he characteristically writes.


“I lay awake,

against the sleep of my world I turn…

and of my holy matter,

the wild nature I tame.»


His poetic compilation “Logos the Third”, and philosophical at the same time, and which signals the completion of a trilogy, sounds the horn of hope to the souls through the exfoliation itself, the insertion and the invitation – challenge to a new spiritual engraving, the orientation and the approach towards the precarious and the hidden, and therefore the history itself of humanity and civilization, in a timeless space that touches with its tips the experience and the fire (Arist. Nikolaidis) and the feverous orgasm in a distilled code of honor, responsibility and duty:


“Timeless is my present,

that in the distant future

the intentions of my past

I have expressed!”


The writing of Dimitris Kakalidis is the incarnate word, with selfless offer, holy bread to the “Mastermind of the spectrum, of mind the creator”, a “NEW SEIRIOS” with an everlasting journey “from the infinite to the world, from the world to the human from the human to my self”, there were he manages to convey to the reader – recipient the innermost burning of soul and word, without unworthy rhetorical ruses, but with the sling bag of the anchorite he speaks without intermediaries to the mind, the heart and the soul, with a word exceptionally unique and revelatory.


“The human I have attired

and my creation has attired me

that an orgiophant of my fires, I”


I am sure that the three distinguished speakers will analyze deeper the poetic flesh and blood of the great Master and the esteemed poetess Faidra Zambatha – Pagoulatou with her well-known sensitivity will render the texts. Upon closing, I would like to congratulate the worthy President of Omilos, as well as the active members of the Omilos Eksipiretiton because they continue the true teachings and visions of Dimitris Kakalidis in the best possible way.


“Within my depths

the vibrant source

the suffocating force”

D. I. Karamvalis