“Poetry is an embrace expressed with words” – The presentation of our books at an event by the literary magazine “KELAINO” (03-03-2019)

“(…) Poetry is an immense embrace. An embrace expressed with words”

Excerpt from the greeting of the President of Omilos Eksipiretiton

With spring at our doorstep and Athens the World Book Capital for 2018-2019, the magazine “KELAINO”, known for its long-standing cultural contribution, organized on the first Sunday morning of March an excellent book presentation of the works:

- “I Will be Here” by Mrs Paraskevi Kostopetrou, the Head of Megas Seirios Publications,

- “Fiery Notion” by Vassiliki Ergazaki, poetess and member of our Literary Workshop, and

- “The Enticement of the Wild Blackberry” by the publisher of the magazine Kelaino and distinguished author, Panagiota Zaloni.


The event literally was buzzing with life. Fine litterateurs, but also friends of the art of literature, found themselves in the embrace of the historical Greek Literary Society so that they could experience another “three embraces”, as many as the books that were presented.

The names of the speakers and the authors that recited were exceptionally important for the place: Kostas Karousos, Leta Koutsochera, Thanassis Frontistis, Marianna Vlachou-Karamvali, Faidra Zambatha- Pagoulatou, Aikaterini Alysandratou and Katerina Ntougka-Kotopoulou. The speeches were exceptional, they presented with simplicity and clarity the depth of the poems, the recitations with strong pulse gave breath to the Word, the presence of choice spiritual people in the audience was equally noteworthy.


We warmly thank the magazine Kelaino for the honour it did us, as well as all the great litterateurs for their presence and their important words about our work at Omilos on culture, literature and our contribution to society.


The fact is that it was confirmed once more that by passing through the “enticement of the wild blackberry” so as to taste both the beautiful and the ugly, a “fiery notion” is born that we are something beyond the multiform happenings.


And by expressing the unwavering “I will be here”, with our conscious participation and constant presence, we unite with everyone and everything, experiencing the joy of life, creation, the hymn to the everyday miracle, redemption.


And that is Poetry!


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