Οur 18th International Seminar! (Vrahati, Greece, 26-29/12/2019)

One of our seminars with the largest participation came to its conclusion just a few days ago. With participants from various countries – the UK, France, Turkey and others – but also from many different parts of Greece, we all experienced together what it means to unite with the others in practice.


To mark the beginning of the celebrations for the 40 years of Omilos, we organized, within the context of the seminar, an evening of Spirituality and Poetry, where there were some of the most notable contemporary Greek poets and litterateurs, among which were the following:

K. Karousos, F. Zampatha, L.Koutsohera, S. Zacharatos, E. Kontozoglou, A. Gontikas, M. Sourli, and others.

But we will not say any more. We will let the impressions of the participants and the snapshots from the seminar say the rest:


“I feel great and deep gratitude. You generously gave me so many things. I started off one way and I leave different. I feel deeply emotional and I want to say a great big ‘thank you’. All that I received from you was more than enough. The caring, the sincere interest, your responsiveness, the acceptance.” S.S., Athens


“It was a very good experience for me. I have been a member at Omilos in London for less than a year and already I see many changes. I realized these changes at the seminar, and it helped me greatly that I got to know you all and spent time with you”. I.Y., Lithuania


“The seminar had a great simplification that passed into me and, in turn, simplified things within me. This was really helpful. More specifically, during the poetry evening, I experienced the union, the elevating flow, the liberation”. I.V. Athens


“The seminar was fantastic! Thank you so much for all the hard work that you put into it. I really enjoyed the subject of union and I can’t wait to deepen more into it. Especially for us from the U.K., it is very relevant and useful”. E.C., England


“The entire experience was a huge healing for me. Thank you very much!”. D.A, France


“For me, it was an unprecedented experience. The seminar helped me to put things in a better order. I felt how much I was accepted with love by all the members of Omilos and I thank them very much”. C.T., Agrinio

“I understand now that the aim of the seminar is to be all together and this is something that I experienced”. G.N., Athens

“I didn’t know you, I met you at this seminar. Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to see what spirituality in every moment means”. Y.D., Turkey

“A waitress said to me ‘You all radiate light. You are very different in the way you sit, the way you talk, the way you dance, with the politeness that you address us!’” E.S., Athens