2020 New Year’s Celebration in Omilos!

Saturday, 11/1/2020, 07.30 in the evening, and our long-held celebration for the new year has just begun.

Long-held because every year, everybody – members and friends of Omilos, esteemed litterateurs, people who have asked for the help of our Spiritual Healing section – we all gather with joy to celebrate together.


Long-held because for 40 years (this year it is our 40thanniversary!) this meeting of people goes even deeper.

It reaches the unity of everything through the field of love and of the heart, as the President of Omilos said in his speech:

The President of Omilos during his speech

“Today is a day of celebration because we are celebrating 40 years that Omilos has been open.

You know, a fundamental subject of the teaching of Omilos is acceptance.

I have been in Omilos for 36 years and I am very often asked: ‘Do we have to accept life? Do we have to accept everything?’. The answer is always ‘yes’, without this meaning that we do not work for the better.

It is ‘yes’ because what is important is the unity of everything.


There can be no redemption or solution if we do not understand this.

This is the work that we will do most in 2020, to realise the unity of everything, in all things.

If we search a bit, we will see that everything is in absolute unity”.



Long-held but not at all commonplace, because every year we have new friends coming so that we can share a discussion, a thought, an idea for the new year.


Long-held but not at all predictable, because our work is always expanding, and this expansion is a constant revelation that never stops.

Of course, Santa Claus and his Helper need no introductions, and once more this year, they made their… long-held but full of surprises appearance, and gave out presents to the children.


Happy New Year to everyone!


And let’s not forget… what is important is the unity of everything!