Title: ...SIMPLE, ISN'T IT?

Author: Mr Andreas Dritsas

Category: Practical Philosophy

Language: English

Edition: 1st (Febrouary 2023)

Format: Book (paperback)

ISBN: 978-618-5223-63-2

Pages: 174


Original language: Greek

Other translations: French, German, Turkish

A few words about the book

This book was not written. This book was literally said, discussed, talked about. It is spoken word, alive, direct, because each one of its chapters is a speech or a discussion that took place in a group, a presentation, an event or a seminar of Omilos. It refers to topics that were neither predetermined nor scheduled, but arose each time through the flow of the group and from the need that existed in all those who participated, whether they were members of Omilos or not.


Each chapter is addressed to all of us together but also to each one of us individually, so that through its pages the reader can become part of all that which is developing, as if they were present and part of the discussion when it first took place, to the degree, of course, that this is possible. There is no need for someone to agree or disagree, to accept or reject, to understand or not understand something. Very simply, as they read, they might see a different way of approaching everyday life, and if they find something that “works for them”, as we say, to take it with them, if they consider that it can help them improve their life and they themselves be better.


After all, if we could say that this book has a goal, this would be to keep the door open for anyone who wants to admire the “miracle of the miracle”, the Human Being and Life!


We read in the back cover:


With this book that you are holding in your hands you are embarking on an adventure...

...like when you throw a paddle into a calm lake and it begins to create circular ripples that spread out...

...like when a beam of light passes through a prism and is dispersed into the colors of its spectrum...

...like when you follow the thread of Ariadne...

...like the question in zen philosophy of whether the bridge is moving or the river...

...simple, isn't it?


When you are in a dark room, you learn to make a simple move: to press the switch and turn on the light.


The book, apart from English, is also translated in French, German and Turkish

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