Our participation in the 75th International Book Fair of Frankfurt was complete with great success! (18-22 October 2023)

We have returned with our "luggage" full of excitement and congratulations of hundreds of publishers, agents and audience, not only for our books which received dithyramibic reviews and were seen as exceptionally editions of quality from every aspect, but also for the work of Omilos Eksipiretiton (The Servers' Society) and our timeless steady position for selfless service to our fellow human beings.


Our books were hosted in the booth of the Greek Ministry of Culture, like in the international book fair in Madrid that took place before (4-6/10/2023) but also of Sharjah (29/10-12/11/2023) which will be next and our collaboration with the people in charge was excellent.


With over 60 appointments with publishers and agents from all countries, with suggestions and discussions for collaboration in a worldwide level with professionals of international reputation and expertise in the field of book and filled with even more strength and zest we continue the expansion of our work!