Our publications in the London Book Fair (12-14 March 2024)

During The London Book Fair that took place on the 12-14 March 2024, the books of Megase Seirios Publications were hosted at the booth of the Greek Ministry of Culture.



At the same time, we had a lot of appointments with publishers and book agents from abroad (we can mention indicatively three from the USA but also Canada, Denmark, Scandinavia, United Arab Emirates, India and countries of Southern Asia) and we are already proceeding with publishing and promoting our books outside Greece.



In fact, our books will also be translated in arabic from publishing houses in Saudi Arabia, which will circulate these worldwide in the arabic language. This in addition to the fact that they will distribute some of our titles in English in the United Arab Emirates and nearby countries.


Ten of our titles will be published and circulate from an indian publishing house in India and countries of South Asia, while in the meantime, we expect news from other publishing houses as well!


Omilos Eksipiretiton (The Server's Society), under the auspices of which our publications work, was there and participated actively in this very important event for the Ministry of Culture, not only by exhibiting our books in the book fair but also supporting the Greek Ministry of Culture in organizing the exceptional poetic event - tribute to Greek and British poetesses at the Hellenic Centre on Wednesday 13/3.

The Greek channel Hellenic-TV and its exceptional members Mr Vasilis Panayis and Mr Giorgos Lingos were there covering impecably the event, as always.



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