Omilos Eksipiretiton (The Servers' Society) and Megas Seirios Publications in the Abu Dhabi International Library Exhibition (26-30/04/2024)

After our successful participation in large International Book Fairs (Frankfurt, Madrid, London, Sarza, Bologna, etc.), the President of Omilos, together with a group of members, traveled to Abu Dhabi (April 26th to 30th 2024), as our publications “Megas Seirios Publications” were the official guests from Greece of the Ministry of Culture of the United Arab Emirates & the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center, among 11 other recognized and large publishing houses and literary agents worldwide.


The invitation concerned both our participation in the International Congress of Arabic Publishing and Creative Industries held on April 28, as well as in the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, with the aim of bringing together publishers and people who engage with the book from all over the world.

As specifically stated in a post by one of the organizers of the International Congress of Arabic Publishing and Creative Industries:

“ … get to know MEGAS SEIRIOS Publications, the Greek, founded in 1983; its publications diversify philosophy, literature, narratives and poems, aiming to contribute to enriching the knowledge of the reader and the creations of Greek writers.”

The next day, April 29, was followed by an official visit to the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair together with Ministry officials.



Continuous meetings were taking place every day with publishers and book agents from all over the world, who expressed great interest and enthusiasm for our books, with discussions concerning the work of Omilos and our publishing house in general, and with many upcoming collaborations and new openings!

Publishers from the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, India, China, Taiwan and other countries were interested in taking our titles for translation & distribution, while several expressed the interest to invite us to their country to talk about Omilos’ practical philosophy, as well as to hold presentations of our books and other cultural events.


And the journey continues...