“...Simple Isn't it?”: the presentation of our book in London as it was broadcasted on the TV show “With the lens of the Hellenic TV”.

On Friday 17th of November 2023, we presented the book “...Simple isn't it?” written by the President of Omilos Eksipiretiton (the Servers’ Society) at the cultural organization The Hellenic Centre, in London


In a hall full if people, the book sparked a vivid discussion on how simple it is for anyone to be well, to be in the flow of life, in union with others. To turn every moment into a miracle that gives us joy; to create, to offer. To see that we and the others are Suns.


It was a presentation - celebration, where the audience watched enchanted and participated actively in the unfolding of the whole practical philosophy of Omilos, followed by a truly vivid and interesting conversation with many thoughts, questions and the most heartfelt warm impressions!


The Greek language TV channel in London "Hellenic-TV", as always covered our event, and in the end a short interview was given by the President of Omilos to the journalist and director Mr Vasilis Panayis. In the following video you can watch the presentation as it was broadcasted on the show “With the lens of the Hellenic TV”.


We extend warm regards to the Director of the Hellenic TV, Mr Giorgos Lingos and the journalist-director Mr Vassilis Panayis, for their hospitality!