Thank-you letter by the Library "Andreas Metsios" of the Greek Community in Emilia Romagna (May 2024)

The Department of Letters of the Ministry of Culture sent us a thank-you letter for the donation of books by our publications MEGAS SEIRIOS PUBLICATIONS to the Library "Andreas Metsios" of the Greek Community in Emilia Romagna.

After each International Book Fair in which we participate, we donate our books to the Greek Community of the region.

So this time, after the 61st International Children's Book Fair in Bologna, our books were donated to the Greek Community there.

Bolognia, 24-04-2024

Thank you letter // Book donation // Book Fair 2024




Dear Sirs/Madams,

The Board of Directors of the Hellenic Community of Emilia Romagna and the head of the 'Andrea Metsios' Library would like to express their sincere thanks to MEGAS SEIRIOS PUBLICATIONS for the important donation of the books on the occasion of the Children's Book Fair in Bologna 8-11 April 2024.

The commendable contribution of your publishing house contributes to the qualitative upgrade of our library, which is a top priority for our community. It promotes the cultivation of literacy among our students, and all users, thus making them have access to Greek books and become familiar with the work of Greek authors keeping them in touch with their motherland Greece.

This letter is a minimal token of our gratitude and we hope you will be on board with us in the years to come.

With deepest appreciation,

The President of the Greek Community of Emilia Romagna

Mrs. Ioanna Balkani

the Head of "Andrea Metsios" Library

Mrs. Paraskevi Tsalmantza