Αn event dedicated to Mrs. Klairi Lykiardopoulou - 12/05/2024

Sunday, 12 May 2024.

We were all there; in Omilos auditorium. Old and new members, friends of Omilos, litterateurs, academics, artists and many more. Some had with her experiences that were more than unique, some had met her once, some knew her only through narratives and from her books.


In an event dedicated to Mrs. Klairi Lykiardopoulou, "our Mrs. Klairi" as she was and still is for us in Omilos. To her life, to her spiritual work for the Human Being & Culture. We were all there to remember, to laugh, to be moved, to learn. For the path of a spiritual person who was love, dedication, devotion, stability, selfless interest in everything, determination, strength, tireless work.


We were all there to illuminate aspects of a spiritual person who structured and consolidated Omilos so that those who came afterwards could step up and carry on. For the work never stops. It continues, it expands, it grows stronger with the most recent example being the spreading of our books abroad and many more.

The President and Vice President of Omilos welcomed us and shared many deeper insights and experiences with Ms. Klairi.


The distinguished speakers gave speeches which were pithy and to the point: Mr. Kostas Karousos, poet and President of the Society of Greek Writers, Ms. Leta Koutsohera poetess-President of the International Foundation G. Koutsohera & L. Strefi Koutsohera. Mrs. Ninon Demetriadou Kabouri, leading actress of opera at the National Opera of Greece and internationally and literary artist, Mr. F. Nikolopoulos, academic, lawyer, secretary of the deanship of the "Parnassos" Foundation and Director of the Open University of Parnassos. Mrs. V. Ergazaki, member of Omilos, poetess-mathematician and Mr. Karystianos, member of Omilos.


Mrs. Klairi is an integral part of the history of Omilos, you cannot separate her from it. And we, feeling her timeless footprint, went back to the past and at the same time forward to the future, tracing her work which is timeless in the present.