One more academic article about the method to deepen into Art, the Kakalidis method, has been published! (June 2024)

One more academic article about the method we use in Omilos to deepen into poetry, literature and Art in general, the Kakalidis method, has been published!


The refereed work on the Kakalidis Method done by Mr. Lazaros Koumentakis, director of the Ano Liosia Special Gymnasium - High School and Kostas Skalomemos, Assistant Professor in Birmingham University, was first announced with great success at the first international conference of the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults, an academic body that promotes and disseminates theoretical and practical research on adult education in Europe, held at the Open University in Patras 5-7 July 2023, titled "Reimagining transformative and emancipatory adult education for a world to come".

The proceedings of the conference have recently been published, including the article "The Kakalidis Method of Analysis as a Transformative Practice in a Group of Adult Students: presentation of an Experiential Workshop".


This is a presentation of the practical implementation of the Kakalidis Method in the context of adult education and specifically in a project that took place in a Second Chance School in Athens. Already with the announcement of the topic, the students had shown great interest and the participation exceeded all expectations!

So was all the work that took place, as the group worked with the Kakalidis method to approach three works of art - a poem, a film and a song - to delve into them, discovering their essence and finally to compose two literary texts based on their experience.

The methodology, the practical application and especially the results of the immersion with the Kakalidis Method as a personal experience and learning of the participating adult students were presented at the conference and described in the article!