Our participation in a day-conference for the International Woman’s Day at the Municipality of Maroussi

Omilos was invited to give the keynote speech in a conference for the International Woman’s Day. The one day event which took place on 8th March 2012 was organized under the auspices of the Municipality of Maroussi by three cultural associations in the presence of the mayor, deputy mayors and city councillors.


Ms Kostopetrou, head of Publications, spoke on "Woman's contribution in science and her role in society".



In her speech she spoke about three great scientists; Hypatia, M. Curie and M. Montessori. She also analyzed the stance that each woman is called upon to have: to know her true self and then to express it by offering generously to everyone surrounding her. That is because, as it was highlighted, the woman’s function is to receive in her all the persons, ideas and situations and to regenerate them thus developing them. This is her true power: the practice of the science of love.


Ms. Kostopetrou ended her speech by reciting the poem “Oh, Mother” by D. Kakalidis, (Incentives I) bringing great emotional uplift to the audience.



The comments were all very warm and there were many who, with great interest and willingness to share thoughts and ideas, thanked us and said how they were deeply touched by what was said and how important it is for every woman to understand how she can be truly well.


There was great interest for the work of the Society as well as for future speeches/presentations and relaxations that the Society could offer to the citizens.



We would like to thank from our heart the cultural associations and the Municipality of Maroussi for the invitation to participate in this day-conference.