"Jewels in the wind" filled the air at IANOS bookstore at the presentation of our cd on Saturday 21/01/2012

Mariza Antonopoulou, member of Omilos Eksipiretiton (the Servers' Society), enchanted the whole audience that had filled the room and carried us away with her beautiful voice and her performance.


As she was living each lyric and each note of the songs she was singing, she created along with the excellent musicians that accompanied her an atmosphere full of melodies and images of life itself.


Ms Kostopetrou, head of Megas Seirios Publications, spoke about the process of creating this cd and Ms Ninon Dimitriadou-Kabouri, an opera solist and poet-writer, who we warmly thank, gave a meaningful presentation with a lot of love for the cd and its contributors.



We would also like to thank Mr Hatziiakovou, manager of IANOS bookstore, who coordinated the event, Mr Giannis Glezos, accomplished composer and president of the Cultural Action EMSE, for the production of the cd and for his warm speech as well as the musicians who played in the event without any profit: Eugenios Bensis cellist and member of the Servers' Society, Pantelis Petridis on piano and Spiros Neofitos on guitar.