Poet Dimitris Karvounis passed away

Dimitris Karvounis, a poet, novelist and member of our literary group “In the flow” passed away this April.


D. Karvounis was born in Kavala in 1936. His literary activity began in 1961 with the poetry collection Respect my concern.


He entered the literary group of our publications with the collection of short stories “The Crypt and the Nest”, followed by the novel “Lilian” and the poetic composition “My Spirit Crucified”. He collaborated with the poet Dimitris Kakalidis in writing the collection of poems “Alalum and Hallelujah” as well as the lyrics of the recently released musical CD “Jewels in the wind”.


Recently our publications had the pleasure to release his new poetry collection The Eternally Collected.


His contribution to literature and the arts is invaluable. And this offer is inherited from generation to generation because:


An eternal teacher is the poet, teaching his own century. He wraps in paper his fiery spirit and his Logos is the everlasting light that illuminates the souls…” (D. Kakalidis)



Listen to D. Karvounis reciting poems by D. Kakalidis from the collection “The Hidden Lotus of Revelation”: