Karvounis Dimitris

Dimitris Karvounis was born in Kavala in 1936. The same year his parents returned to Athens where he lived until 1966 the year that he emigrated to Johannesburg, South Africa. There, he worked in the greek newspapers "Africanis" and "Nea Ellas". While living in Johannesburg he married and had a child. When his wife died, in 1985, he returned to Greece and lived in his parental home.


His first poetic collection "Respect my Disquiet" was published in 1961. In 1963 he published his second poetic colection titled "Discordant Symphony".


He remained silent for 25 years and after returning to Greece he published the novella "Decomposition" (1988), "In Slow Death", the collection of poems "The Glimmer"(1989), the short stories "The Crypt and the Nest", the novella "Lilian", the poetic composition "My Spirit Crucified" and the collection of poems "The Eternally Collected". He also wrote "Alalum and Hallelujah" as well as the lyrics of the songs of the CD "Stolidia tou Anemou" (Jewels in the Wind) along with Dimitris Kakalidis.


Dimitris Karvounis passed away in April, 2012.


Author's books:


» The Eternally Collected (poems) (2011)

» Alalum and Hallelujah

» My Spirit Crucified

» Lilian (2nd Edition) (2010)

» The Crypt and the Nest