Dimitriadou - Kambouri Ninon

Ninon Dimitriadou-Kambouri was born in Athens in 1944. She studied piano and classical singing in the National Conservatory, graduating in 1963. At the same time, she studied classical ballet at the Morianoff and Nicholls schools.

In 1963 she moved to Vienna to engage in postgraduate studies in opera and operetta. She gave recitals in Vienna and Athens, where she appeared at the National Opera for several years.

She began to write from an early age. Poems and short stories by her were published from time to time in literary journals such as "Nea Skepsi", "Ekphrasi", and others. She was also a newspaper journalist.

The poems "Fear not, day is breaking!" are inspired by her personal discussions with the poet Dimitris Karvounis and with the literary critic and poet Dimitris Kakalidis, founder and Master of the Servers’ Society Spiritual Centre, under who she studied to attain her spiritual development.



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» Fear not, day is breaking!