The Family Circle

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The institution of the family is described by the author as a microcosm of society, of the “family of mankind”. The book is divided into three units, dealing with man’s relationships with his parents, with his companion and with his children.

The family provides man with many experiences relevant to his relationship with others, enabling him to co-exist harmoniously with them. If this is achieved, family members may become creative factors in society. This is because both the positive and the negative experiences of the family circle are transferred to a wider social circle and affect it accordingly.

Mankind, as we know, is passing through a period of great crisis. The solution of this crisis cannot come from just a few who are concerned with social problems. Everyone has to shoulder his own share of responsibility. In order to do this, however, it is essential that he himself develops spiritually. If the family circle forms the basis for this development, it will have filled its role. It will have become a “cell” of society, whose members will transmit their spirituality to all the other circles of humanity.