The Wisdom of the Short Story

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The book is also published in hardcover.






“One more victory for man. He learnt to become himself, he the extraordinary”. (D.K., p. 413)


The symbols that the creator of a narrative uses in order to weave his myth, to bring his heroes to life, to give a voice to their feelings, actions and ideas are innumerable.


Dimitris Kakalidis uses these symbols as his starting point and with his familiar poetic spirit and his philosophical approach he moves them along through the paths of his spirit into a journey of interpretation and recomposition majestically presenting the knowledge consciously or unconsciously expressed by the creator in the hidden Wisdom of the Short Story.


Described as “a work that is a world-first” by men of letters, the “Wisdom of the Short Story” paves a new way to consider and approach the literary text that constitutes an asset to Greek Literature.


The book will soon be published in English.