Fallen Paradise Holy Matter

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"And I am

the infinite ocean,

the infinite sea,

salt’s womb."


The poet praises Matter throughout all creation and his loud and clear-sound voice echoes in every particle of the Universe.


"The commands of the streams; be vigilant..."


He sanctifies Matter in its wanderings giving it its rightful place since the dawn of time.


"Dense matter, philosopher’s stone,

the one that constitutes infinity."


And Matter ascends to the source of its being, it is redeemed, becomes light, becomes the “Holy Matter” and spreads to the world immaculate and pure.


"And I am void,

the divine matter."


A brilliant and praising poetic work by Dimitris Kakalidis that holds a diachronic place in contemporary Greek poetry.




Available in audio book: Fallen Paradise Holy Matter [audio book]